Galaxy Building Services supply a whole range of popular weatherboards - both wood and imitation.

Wood weatherboards add architectural personality to your home, and look great as full-wall applications or just to highlight a particular area. WeatherBoards add contemporary style and create dramatic shadow lines that will make your home stand out.

Why choose Timber Weather Boarding?

Non-wood weatherboards

Vapour Control

Don’t put your assets at risk!

Moisture in today’s buildings can be a continuous problem if not tackled professionally, especially in new and existing buildings housing hi-tech machinery and computer equipment where it is essential to ensure proper protection against condensation. Failure to take action will cost you money!

Double glazing problems?

This also includes homes fitted with double glazing that no longer have natural outlets for moisture, and workplace environments where double glazing helps make the workplace more comfortable for employees.

Recognising these problems, Galaxy Building Services offer a total solution to all the traditional problems of vapour control. Our solutions have been fully tested to ensure complete satisfaction and come with a quality guarantee.

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